The Asylum, the maker of Sharknado and 300+ other b-movies, churn out a profit-making film every month. How do they do it?

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Sharknado from TheAsylum.cc

The Asylum takes a film idea, a budget of “well under a million dollars”, and turns it into a film in under 2 months! They release movies exclusively on a “straight to video” basis, starring actors no one has ever heard of. Yet they are one of the most profitable film companies going.

Their unique low budget, low risk, fast turnover business model has created a film producing machine that Hollywood can’t replicate.

Cutting costs and reducing risk to produce low, but easily repeatable, profit margins is not a new business concept. …


Carl Nixon

Carl Nixon is the oldest computer geek in town! Big gamer and freelance Excel VBA / Python Programmer. See carlnixon.com for more details

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